Thai Agricultural Machinery Industry Urges The Government To Build On Innovation And Knowledge For Thai Farmers.

Thai Agricultural Machinery Industry Urges The Government To Build On Innovation And Knowledge For Thai Farmers.

IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. in collaboration with COMEXPOSIUM, the organizer of SIMA Paris announce the hosting of the 2nd edition of SIMA ASEAN Thailand, the most international agri-business trade exhibition in Southeast Asia with a comprehensive range of product & services to meet all the needs of farm operations as well as food and processing professionals. The exhibition & conference will be held from 8th – 10th September 2016, at Hall 5-6 of IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center, Bangkok, THAILAND. Gearing up towards the big event, the Advising Committee of the SIMA ASEAN Thailand 2016 shares the new perspectives of Thailand’s agriculture industry under the topic ‘Innovative Farming – Future Challenges & Sustainability in ASEAN’ which will also be a key theme of the upcoming SIMA ASEAN Thailand 2016.

Mr.Yannaphon Limpanachokchai, Secretary of the Federation of Thai Industries (Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Industry Club) said that the Thai agricultural industry is still affected by various factors, whether it’s the increase in the price production for manure, medicine, wages, plus the added issue of Thai farmers not being able to put these new technologies and innovations to practice. There is also the problem of Thai farmers still lacking the knowledge of horticulture and cost-cutting in production. Thailand has to swiftly engage in knowledge building for farmers and familiarizing them with the basic know-how. 0nce achieved, these factors will drive the Thai agricultural industry to experience healthy and sustainable growth. 

The Royal Thai Government has to also push for agricultural innovations to lessen the cost and the duration of the process of planting in order to increase the wages of Thai farmers especially at a time where seeds of the Napier grass for livestock are particularly popular because of their high price upon cultivation. If the government supports this practice of innovation and technology, it would ultimately increase in production value  for the export and processing of renewable energy, and the output will be of the highest quality.


Dr.Soonthorn Pipithsaengchan, Advisor Board of Horticultural Science Society of Thailand, added that Thai farmers have been affected by mud and soil erosion, drought, and the increase in the cost of production and labour. By introducing these new innovations and technologies, it will improve the quality of the production in Thailand.

Dr.Somsit Moonsatan, Advisor of Thai Machinery Association(TMA), also mentioned that the innovation of agricultural machinery in Thailand are not certified or standardized, though they have received the approval of the TIS, but the TIS standards have yet to become internationalized but insisted that Thai machinery are still safe to use. With the help of the government, everything will come into place and the SIMA ASEAN Thailand 2016 will help Thai inventors to showcase their innovations through a series of contests which will undoubtedly raise the bar for the future.

Mr.Tossaporn Srisakdi, Director of Bureau of Animal Husbandry and Genetic Improvement, Department of Livestock Development, added that if Thailand utilizes these new innovations and technologies that are on hand today to enhance the knowledge of Thai farmers, this will be the catalyst for raising Thai standards on the international stage. By staging agricultural machinery exhibitions of this nature such as SIMA ASEAN Thailand, this will help all sectors to come together and exchange information and also elevate the status of the Thai agricultural industry.

The SIMA ASEAN Thailand 2016 will be held from the 8th – 10th September 2016, at Exhibition Halls 5 – 6, at the IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center, Bangkok, THAILAND. This is a testament that Thailand is certainly the hub for ASEAN agriculture and a force to be reckon with in the near future.